5 Simple Ways to Create More Abundance in Your Life

Is there enough “abundance” in your life?

When you’re struggling with the feeling of not having enough, sometimes all you need to do is shift your paradigm just a little.

You see, our culture teaches us to go after abundance in only one particular way:  by getting. You get a job, in order to get money, in order to get the things you need or desire.

But money and things are only a small fraction of abundance equation.

5 Simple Ways to Create More Abundance in Your Life5 Simple Habits to Live More Abundantly

More than anything else, abundance is a vibration fueled by kindness and gratitude. The more kindness and gratitude you show, the more abundance will reverberate through your life.

It doesn’t have to be complicated at all but it will require adding some abundant habits into your life.

Connect with Someone Who Would Love to Hear from You

There’s at least one person in your life that would be elated to hear from you right now.  Could it be your Mom or Dad?  A brother or sister?  An old friend from school?  A former co-worker?

It’s time to break out of the old pattern of non-connectedness.  How did the old slogan from AT&T go?  “Reach out and touch someone.”

People just glow when you reach out to them and they in turn will send you abundant thoughts of appreciation and good will.

Help the People You Come Across Everyday

Volunteering for a cause is awesome but if you feel too constrained with time or money to do so, you can engage in something just as good if not better:  just help people that you see and meet in your daily life.

The key is awareness.  Opportunities to show kindness abound in everyday life when you open your eyes and ears to it.

Maybe an elderly neighbor could use some help carrying in the groceries.  Maybe a friend would appreciate you accompanying them on a doctor’s visit.  Maybe a co-worker would appreciate you walking them to their car.  You get the picture.

As long as you are helping somebody with something, you’re contributing to the greater good and increasing your own vibration to receive more into your life.

AbundanceBe the Candle, Not the Darkness

How often does someone intentionally inspire or encourage you?  Not often enough?  Then be the one who does the inspiring and encouraging.

On Facebook, be the one who shares the positive, uplifting stuff.  At work, let someone know that you’ve noticed what a great job they do.  Just look for times to tell someone “you can do it!”

Go around with the mindset of making people feel better about themselves and you will have an army of people sending positive vibrations your way.

Send an Impromptu Word of Appreciation

How would you feel if you got a text message out of the blue that said “Thanks for everything, I will never forget the ways you have helped me.”  Wouldn’t it make your day!?

Well, you can make your own day by making someone else’s day.  Send a sincere email, text, or Thank You card to someone who has helped you along life’s journey.  Without knowing, you may be sending it when they need it the most.

Expressing gratitude toward another human being for the positive intent they have shown you in the past keeps that good intention flowing.

5 Simple Ways to Create More Abundance in Your LifeCook Dinner for Someone

Cooking a meal for someone is the ultimate way to show how much you value them in your life.  It doesn’t have to be fancy.  Just spaghetti, salad, and bread will suffice.  The act of preparing it yourself is what makes it so special.

Say you can’t boil spaghetti?  That’s fine. Take someone to dinner, lunch or coffee.  The point is to “break bread” together and delight in each other’s company, catch up, and enjoy life.

So if you feel a void, like you don’t have enough, try doing these things, not all at once, but gradually weave them into your habits.

Cherishing and helping people gives off a life sustaining vibe which in turn opens the door wider for abundance to flow.

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