How to Heal Emotional Pain and Release Negative Energy with EFT

“Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.” ~ Khalil Gibran

“Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.” ~ Joseph Campbell

Have you ever had a nagging unpleasant thought in your head that you wish wasn’t there but you return to ruminate over it again and again?

Have you ever felt resentment from a time you believe you were done wrong and you just can’t help but obsess over it at the expense of lighter, happier thoughts?

Do you have persistent doubts and fears that won’t go away no matter how much you try to replace them with positive thoughts?

Emotional Freedom Techniques will help you…

  • ACCOMPLISH your PURPOSE by releasing past conditioning
  • IMPROVE your RELATIONSHIPS by clearing ‘triggers’
  • INCREASE FINANCIAL GAINS by releasing self-sabotage

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These are all things that I have struggled with in the past, and probably will again.

But I feel I am in good company because this is simply part of the human condition for so many of us.

Yet, we are always alone with our pain, are we not?

“We fear violence less than out own feelings.  Personal, private, solitary pain is more terrifying than what anyone else can inflict.” ~ Jim Morrison

Like so many, I have tried the pills pushed at us from the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry.  They were not for me, too many side effects.  Besides, they are only a band-aid solution.

I have also tried talk therapy, which I think is a very good solution for many.  It definitely helped me climb out of a deep depression at one time in my life, but that was about it.

If any of this resonates with you too, I hope I’m about to introduce you to something that will rock your world in a positive way because that’s what it did for me.

It’s called Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT for short, or “Tapping”.

EFT with Sonya Sofia and The World Tapping Circle

I had heard of EFT before by way of hanging out in metaphysical bookstores, but it was just a little too far out even for me.  I mean, how is tapping all over your body with your index and forefinger supposed to solve any of life’s problems?

Emotional Freedom TechniquesThere’s actually a bit more to it than tapping your fingers on your body but this was my perception of EFT at the time.

Anyway, there’s this podcast I listen to frequently called Positive Head, run by this super spiritually expansive guy named Brandon Beechum.  He had Sonya Sophia of The World Tapping Circle on one of his podcasts who piqued my interest by describing EFT as more than just ancient Chinese medicine, but also incorporating elements of science and modern psychology.

Since Sonya offers four online tapping sessions for free, and since I respect Brandon’s opinion, I figured “why not give it a try?”

EFT Session 1:  Overcoming Fear of Failure

“Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother.” ~ Kalil Jibran

When you do EFT, you pick one issue to work on during that session.  For my first session, I decided to work on fear of failure.

By the way, other people are joining in on the session, that’s why they call it the World Tapping Circle, but you still maintain complete privacy and no one knows exactly what issue you are working on unless you want them to.

So at the beginning of the session I’m following Sonya’s instructions and I begin laughing.  At first, I think I’m laughing because the whole thing just seems absurd but then I begin to realize my laughter is a much deeper emotional response. Yep, I’m one of those annoying people who laughs in uncomfortable situations.

World Tapping CircleThen I begin yawning and I figure it’s just because I’m tired but Sonya explains that this is a typical response to tapping.

I keep following along with Sonya, focusing on my issue, I laugh a bit more, yawn a bit more and then I burst out crying!

What? Beyond getting a little misty eyed at a sentimental thought here and there, I hadn’t cried in months, maybe even years, but here I am, a grown man, balling my eyes out like a big baby trying to keep up with the tapping session.

I get my focus back and then started having childhood memories, buried deep in the recesses of my mind, that were absolutely at the root of my fear of failure. I then began to cry some more, then laugh some more, then cry some more.

I was beginning to understand, and with understanding, comes relief.

Then I experienced flashes of profound insight on things that seemed totally unrelated to my fear of failure.  I began understanding and forgiving people, even people who I blamed, rightly or wrongly, for causing me great consternation and grief.

This was my first EFT/Tapping session ever.  It lasted an hour and a half, and I was exhausted.  But I felt so peaceful and at one with the world, with everyone and everything, for we are all, each and every one of us, magnificent shiny little pieces of the Cosmic Consciousness.

And, oh yeah, my fear of failure has diminished somewhat as well.  Maybe not completely, but noticeably.

EFT Session 2:  Releasing Resentment

“There is no birth of consciousness without pain.” ~ Carl Jung

Since my first EFT session was such a positive, enlightening experience, I decided to go back for more.

This time, instead of a live session, I decided to try one of Sonya’s pre-recorded sessions.  That’s the beauty of The World Tapping Circle.  The live sessions are great because they give you a sense of community and connection with other like minded people but if you can’t make a live session, Sonya and her team have recorded a fairly extensive library of sessions addressing just about any need.

In the World Tapping Circle library is a video session on “resentment”, a deep dark secret of mine, I don’t like to admit to, and wanted to release forever, because even though I nurtured it, I know that resentment is one of the most unhealthy, self-defeating emotions.

I was still feeling resentment from a job I left nearly two years ago.

Emotional Freedom TechniquesBefore I go on, let me say that I am extremely grateful that I had this job for as long as I did.  Because of that job I paid the bills, saved some money, learned a lot, and met many wonderful people.

Even so, on several occasions I felt like I had been passed over for promotion.  I worked really hard, gave it enormous amounts of my life energy, taught many things to people who got promoted ahead of me, went in on my days off, and worked way later than many of my compatriots.

I felt unappreciated, unvalidated, and misunderstood.

Right or wrong, these were my feelings toward my employer at the time.  As much as I tried to deny it to myself, I harbored ill feelings toward the people who I thought were responsible for treating me unfairly.  (In the end, I claim sole responsibility for my circumstances but that’s another story.)

So here I am nearly two years later still bearing a grudge.  I’m on a path of spiritual and personal growth but this old injury still rears its ugly head on the most unexpected occasions.  I was ready to let go of it once and for all.

I got into the session and started yawning, laughing, and crying in that order, just like I did with the first session.  My crying wasn’t as intense this time but I really felt a lot of BLOOD RED ANGER.  I let myself feel all of it, which is what you’re supposed to do during EFT.

I cursed these people out, I mean I let them have it.  I reminded them of every instance of their maltreatment of me.

And then PEACE.

After about an hour of proving my case against my oppressors, I felt overwhelming PEACE.

And then LOVE.

I pictured every former boss and co-worker in front of me who “did me wrong” and gave them a big hug and showered them with love.

Emotional Freedom TechniquesThen I pictured all of them together and gave them one huge, gigantic bear hug.  I sat in front of my laptop with my arms outstretched forming the shape of a heart, and all of these people were inside my heart, and we all had a big laugh and cry together.

That was my second experience with EFT.

That was a couple of weeks ago as of this writing.  I have checked myself a few times to see if my old grudge was still there but when I do, I remember that it used to be there, but I no longer feel anything about it, good or bad.

I have made peace with this portion of my past and I am most grateful to Sonya Sofia and the World Tapping Circle for helping me move through it, transforming negative energy into more productive and creative energy.

I’ve tried a few more tapping sessions since these first two, and they haven’t been quite as intense but they have truly been beneficial.

Tapping is now part of my personal growth regimen.

How to Experience Your Own Free EFT/Tapping Sessions

Now that you’ve heard this EFT skeptic’s story, I encourage you to at least give it a try, if only to prove to yourself it’s a bunch of malarkey like I once thought.

But what if it works?  What dreams may come if you can add another powerful tool to your arsenal of personal development and spiritual growth?

Emotional Freedom Techniques will help you…

  • DECREASE your DISCOMFORT, physically and emotionally
  • ACCOMPLISH your PURPOSE by releasing past conditioning
  • IMPROVE your RELATIONSHIPS by clearing ‘triggers’
  • INCREASE FINANCIAL GAINS by releasing self-sabotage

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