Resources in Positive Life Transformation

Saying that something will transform your life is a pretty bold claim.

I share with you the resources below because they have made a profound and positive impact on my journey and I am confident in their potential to assist you in your journey too.

But to be clear, I cannot say that the resources I recommend will transform everybody.  As they say in the Consciousness Community, when the Student is ready, the Teacher will appear.

Since you are here, who knows, maybe you’re about to find something you’ve been looking for. Peace.

Note:  Some of the links below are freebies and others are affiliate links, which means I’ll earn a commission if you decide to buy that particular tool or product.  If you do decide to make a purchase, I thank you for supporting Epic Life Vibes.

The World Tapping Circle (EFT)

Even as a spiritually inclined person, I still come across things that I think are a little too “woo-woo”.

This was my attitude toward the Emotional Freedom Technique (aka ‘EFT’ or ‘Tapping’).  I mean, how is tapping your fingers on certain points of your body supposed to accomplish anything?  But at the instigation of someone I respect, I decided to try it anyway.

Without delving too much into how it’s done, let me just tell you about my first experience with it:

I logged in to a session with a lovely EFT expert by the name of Sonya Sofia.  She asked me to fill out a quick questionnaire so we could focus on one critical area of my life and then we got started.

As I’m following her lead, I started laughing.  At first I thought I was just laughing at the absurdity of the procedure but then I realized it was an emotional response to what I was focusing on in this session:  fear of failure.

My laughter then turned into crying.  As spiritually oriented as I like to think I am, I don’t like to cry, I don’t like to admit to it, and I don’t do it very often.  But cry I did, and throughout the session, I went back and forth between laughing and crying.

It was an intense emotional release as I received flashes of insight on things that had really been bothering me in recent months. It all felt very good.  I felt like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon.  That night I had the best night’s sleep I had had in several weeks and woke up the next day with more clarity than I’d had in some time.

Since I began tapping, I have felt more peace, balance, and optimism in my life.

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Trypnaural Brainwave Meditation 

Trypnaural Brainwave EntrainmentMeditation of one form or another is the foundation of all personal development and spiritual growth.  The ancient prophets believed so, New Thought leaders of the 20th Century believed so, and countless present day high achievers believe so.

The problem with meditation is that it requires patience in a fast-paced society.  When you finally find the time and space to meditate, you’re still faced with a million distractions.

With Trypnaural Meditation, I have found the ability to attain focus and clarity in much less time than with traditional meditation. The two main results for me with Trypnaural Meditation have been increased productivity and a more consistent serenity throughout my day.

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The Awakened Millionaire Academy

Awakened Millionaire Academy ReviewMany of us are taught a subconscious anxiety about money from an early age.  We absorb very powerful connotations from our culture and the people in our lives about money that are both POSITIVE and NEGATIVE.

This presents an inner turmoil that fuels a lifelong struggle with money. You’re torn between SURVIVAL and SPIRITUALITY.  You’re torn between having material abundance and being thought of as a good person.

Only when you reconcile your inner conflict between money and spirituality will you have more of both.

Dr. Joe Vitale, well known self help author and speaker, is the master mind behind this course. I found it at just the right time several months ago.

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Positive Energy Breakthrough Kit

We have also assembled a collection of guided meditations to reduce stress, boost success, and enhance overall well being from leading meditation and mindfulness practitioners, ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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