Top Recommended Personal Growth and Spiritual Enlightenment Resources

Listed below are some amazing resources in personal growth, spiritual enlightenment, and conscious transformation.

I have used every resource on this page and each one has produced a noticeable positive impact in my own life in the areas of happiness, inner peace, self confidence, and life purpose.

I hope one or more of these resources will enhance YOUR JOURNEY as well as they have mine.

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Meditation & Mindfulness

Ancient prophets to modern day high achievers have extolled the benefits of meditation as the foundation of all personal growth.

Awaken Your Divine SelfMeditation is a profound and beautiful experience once you get the hang of it but for many, getting the hang of it is easier said than done.

This is why I recommend guided meditation to beginners and to those who are ready to give up their meditation practice.

The best guided meditations I have come upon so far are Awakening Your Divine Self by davidji because he gently guides you with mindful thoughts into a peaceful state and then eases you into a silent meditation which after all, is the purest form of meditation.

Brainwave Entrainment

An alternative to meditation that produces somewhat the same effect is listening to brainwave entrainment audios.

Personal Growth and Spiritual EnlightenmentAlso known as brainwave synchronicity, this modality utilizes light pulses known as isochronic tones or binaural beats played in synchronization with natural sounds or uplifting music to get your brainwaves into the same Alpha, Theta, or Delta states achieved in meditation.

I use brainwave entrainment as a supplement to my meditation practice, especially on those really active days that meditation seems a little out of reach.

These audios are produced for a variety of desired outcomes like Positive Mindset, Stress Reduction, or even Lucid Dreaming.

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A few of my favorite brainwave MP3 recordings:

Chakra Opening Brainwave Audio

Personal Growth and Spiritual EnlightenmentWithout even knowing much about the Chakras the first time I listened to it, this audio gave me a pleasant tingly feeling all up and down my spine and afterwards I felt very relaxed and centered.

It was almost like getting a very light massage.  I can’t explain it.  I guess that’s why they call it The ‘Unexplainable’ Store.
Check out the Chakras page.

Deep Sleep Audio Program

Deep SleepI have used the sleep brainwave recordings to go quickly into a 15 minute power nap (very effective) as well as to go into a deep sleep on a restless night.

I generally wake up 2 or 3 times during the night but after listening to the deep sleep recording all I recall is waking up after 8 hours of solid sleep.
Visit the Sleep page.

Positive Mindset Audio

Personal Growth and Spiritual EnlightenmentMaintaining a ‘feel good’ state of being is crucial to success and forward motion.  But there are times when I get into a flat or uninspired state and I just can’t think my way out of it.

Listening to this recording always lifts me out of a slight depression and puts me into an uplifted mood for the rest of the day.
Visit the Positive Mindset page.

Emotional Freedom Technique

Personal GrowthThe Emotional Freedom Technique (aka EFT or Tapping) has been recommended by the likes of Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Dr. Bruce Lipton as an avenue to…

  • DECREASE your DISCOMFORT, physically and emotionally
  • ACCOMPLISH your PURPOSE by releasing past conditioning
  • IMPROVE your RELATIONSHIPS by clearing ‘triggers’
  • INCREASE FINANCIAL GAINS by removing self sabotage

Now that EFT is entering the mainstream, including it’s use by professional athletes, there are many resources on how to employ this simple energy healing modality but the best one that I have found is the World Tapping Circle.

Though I was a bit skeptical about it at first, I followed up on a suggestion to take advantage of the FREE month offered by the World Tapping Circle and was absolutely blown away by the experience.  I cried profoundly during my first session yet I felt enormous elation and relief at the end.

If you’re feeling stuck, frustrated, confused, resentful or experiencing any negative emotion on a regular basis, I highly recommend taking advantage of the World Tapping Circle’s generous offer and get a FREE month of Emotional Freedom love and support.

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Morning Routine

What do Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey, and Lady Gaga all have in common besides well documented success?

They all follow a personalized morning routine to set up each and every day (and thus their entire lives) for maximum empowerment, focus, and energy.

According to these highly successful -and spiritual- people, taking some time for yourself first thing in the morning is the most productive thing you can do.  But what should you do with this time and how long should it take?

Visit Morning Ritual Mastery to find out.

Prosperity and Life Purpose

You’ve probably heard the old adage ‘Do what you love, the money will follow’.  It’s a basically true concept but our society encourages some really mixed up assumptions about how the two work together.

I believe the following two courses do a great job of unraveling the mysteries of putting prosperity, life purpose, and living the life of your dreams all together in one package.

The Awakened Millionaire Academy

Personal Growth and Spiritual EnlightenmentIf you have struggled with money all of your life, it may be because of the conflicting inner beliefs absorbed from parents, peers, and culture about money.

On the one hand, we’re taught that ‘money is the root of all evil’, on the other hand, it’s hard to grow spiritually and experience life to the fullest when the bill collectors are constantly calling.

Self-help luminary Joe Vitale has created a course to reconcile these two inner voices, offering a path to both spiritual expansion and prosperity.  Watch the ‘Awakened Millionaire’ with Dr. Joe Vitale.

Manifestation Miracle

Personal Growth and Spiritual EnlightenmentQuite frankly, I was a bit skeptical of this online course at first but I figured it must have 97,000 followers on Facebook for a reason.

So I went ahead and bought it and was pleasantly surprised by the content and quality.  It totally engrossed me from beginning to end.  For me, Manifestation Miracle is a source of inspiration and confirmation that I’m on the right track.

I recommend this course only if you’re deeply dissatisfied with your current job or career and have a longing for more meaning and purpose in life.  Watch the Manifestation Miracle presentation.

OR, take the quiz…


Positivity Tools

A positivity tool is anything that helps you maintain a positive focus.  Mind you, this doesn’t mean you get all slap happy when something really distressing happens.

Positive thinking is about maintaining a sense of self empowerment no matter what your external circumstances are.  Here are my favorite positivity tools:

Conscious Transformation Authors

There are three authors who have influenced me more than any other on my spiritual journey.  You may have heard of them already due to their widespread influence.  If you are interested in learning more about their work, here are the links to their online portals:

Dr. Wayne Dyer:  The professional psychologist who became a world renowned thought leader on conscious transformation.  Dr. Dyer passed from this physical realm a couple of years ago but his work continues to inspire millions.

Louise Hay:  This lady has an incredible life story from childhood abuse and neglect, to failed relationships and personal struggle as an adult, to becoming the founder of one of the world’s leading self-help publishing houses.

Esther Hicks:  This is the lady who channels a non-physical entity called Abraham.  If this sounds odd to you, just know that she’s a New York Times best-selling author and Oprah Winfrey has given her some positive publicity.  Esther and Dr. Dyer did a book and video production together prior to his passing called Co-Creating at Its Best.

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