Top Recommended Personal Growth and Spiritual Enlightenment Resources

Listed below are some amazing resources for your personal growth, spiritual enlightenment, conscious transformation, success, happiness, and well being.

I have used every resource on this page and each one has produced a noticeable positive impact in my own life.  I hope one or more of them will enhance YOUR JOURNEY too.

Note: This page contains affiliate links.

Meditation & Mindfulness

Meditation is first on the list for a reason because it is foundation of accelerated personal growth and spiritual transformation.   However, in the hectic world in which we live, getting the hang of meditation is easier said than done.

This is why I recommend guided meditations to beginners and to those who have hit a snag in their meditation practice.  Here’s my top 3 recommended resources in meditation and mindfulness:

Spirituality and Personal Growth ResourcesFavorite Overall Meditation Resource:

The Unexplainable Store is a comprehensive resource for audio brainwave stimulation, self-hypnosis, and some of the most beautiful guided meditations I have come across.

They also have an excellent meditation app called ‘Brainwaves’ to help you meditate whenever and wherever is most convenient.  With dozens of options and clear suggestions based on your need, you can meditate effortlessly and keep your mindfulness practice fresh and interesting.

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Spirituality and Personal Growth ResourcesRecommendation for Meditation Music Technology:

Get zen monk levels of meditation in 15 minutes or less with Trypnaural Meditation brainwave stimulation audios and ‘hypno-fractal’ videos.  Integrative health expert Niraj Nirak has worked with NASA scientists and world renowned consciousness thought leaders in developing the most cutting edge brainwave meditation music available.  Try it for free:

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Spirituality and Personal Growth ResourcesRecommended Meditation App:

Headspace is meditation made simple using proven meditation and mindfulness techniques to train your brain for a healthier, happier mindset.  This ingenious download takes you step by step through the basics of meditation in 10 minutes per day.

☼  Try the Take10 program for free at Headspace.

The Emotional Freedom Technique

Spirituality and Personal Growth ResourcesThe Emotional Freedom Technique, a.k.a. ‘EFT’ or ‘Tapping’, is an energy healing modality allowing you to release pent up negative thoughts or emotions that hinder your forward progress in life.   Before trying EFT, I thought it was pure pseudoscience, but my first experience with it absolutely blew my mind.  Now I keep going back for more.

EFT has been used by world class athletes to enhance their performance and has been recommended by the likes of Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Dr. Bruce Lipton.

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Success & Happiness Online Courses

If you have found success and/or happiness to be elusive, even though you feel you’ve done everything right, you may find one of the following courses just what you need to turn things around:

Spirituality and Personal Growth ResourcesRecommendation for Finding Your Life Purpose:

When I first heard about Manifestation Miracle, I dismissed it because I got hung up on the word ‘manifestation’.  It just sounded a little too ‘woo-woo’ for me at the time.

But then I found out it had over 97,000 Facebook followers, so I gave it a try just to see what all the fuss was about and was thoroughly impressed and inspired.  If you love what you currently do, you don’t need this course but if you’re dissatisfied with your career, you may want to…

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Spirituality and Personal Growth ResourcesRecommendation for an Inspiring Morning Routine:

Productivity isn’t about working hard, it’s about working smart.  If you don’t start your day with a with mindful positive intention, chances are, you’re going to be working hard all day long.

Don’t just roll out of bed and start running and reacting.  Do what the likes of Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey, and Lady Gaga all do and…

☼  Start your day with an empowering Morning Ritual.


Spirituality and Personal Growth ResourcesRecommendation for Prosperity Consciousness:

If you struggle with money, it may be because you have mental blocks over whether money is good or bad. Such an internal conflict will prevent you from ever having enough money to fully experience life in this time-space reality!

You can be a spiritually conscious person and experience unlimited financial freedom at the same time, but first you must overcome your negative subconscious associations about money…

☼  Watch Dr. Joe Vitale’s ‘Awakened Millionaire’ video to find out how.

Spirituality & Personal Growth Thought Leaders

Many great speakers and authors are emerging on the topic of infinite human potential and conscious transformation.  ( You may be the next! )  Here are the six who have inspired me most so far:

Spirituality and Personal Growth ResourcesDr. Wayne Dyer

Dr. Dyer passed from the physical realm in 2015 but his work continues to help people lead more fulfilling lives.  A professional psychologist by training, his first book, Your Erroneous Zones, was one of the best selling ‘self-help’ books of all times.

As his career progressed, his philosophy evolved from practical psychology to a more spiritually conscious perspective.  Forgiveness is one of the key components of what he teaches, as the pivotal moment of his own life was when he forgave his father for abandoning him as a child.

☼  Visit Dr. Dyer’s website…


Spirituality and Personal Growth ResourcesLouise Hay

Louise Hay is a trail blazer in the arena of human potential.  Back in the 1980’s, when no one else seemed to care, Louise was inviting people with AIDS into her home to do workshops on self-love, self-worth, and self-esteem.

Having healed herself from childhood neglect and sexual abuse, she wrote one of the most compelling books I have ever read on designing your life just the way you want it called You Can Heal Your Life.  She now presides over the global personal growth publishing juggernaut, Hay House.

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Spirituality and Personal Growth ResourcesEsther Hicks

The first time I heard Esther Hicks speak, the truth and wisdom of the words she was saying reverberated with me on a profound level.  It was only later that I discovered that she was ‘channeling’ the thoughts of a Higher Consciousness she refers to as Abraham.

Though not featured in the final edit, the work of Abraham-Hicks was a key influence on the movie, The Secret.  While The Secret is sort of a primer on the ‘Law of Attraction’, the teachings of Abraham-Hicks go far deeper into the cosmic consciousness.  Like Oprah Winfrey, Jessica Lively, and other names you might recognize, I am a raving fan of Esther Hicks and Abraham.

☼  Learn more about Abraham-Hicks at HayHouse…


Spirituality and Personal Growth ResourcesSanaya Roman

Sanaya Roman also channels Higher Consciousness who she refers to as Orin.  Though less widely known as Esther Hicks, Sanaya’s work with Orin is just as deeply engaging and awe-inspiring.

I am now on my third reading of some of Sanaya’s works because they are so comforting and reassuring about life’s journey.  Whenever, I read from the Earth Life Series, I feel as if I’m getting back on the right path and that all is well in my world.

☼  Visit Sanaya Roman’s web page on Amazon…


Spirituality and Personal Growth ResourcesEckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle spent his twenties feeling lost, alone, and that life was fraught with misery.  On the verge of a complete emotional breakdown at the age of 29, something just clicked and he began to see life from a much more peaceful and meaningful perspective.

In his first book, The Power of Now, Tolle shares how you too can stop agonizing over the past and the future, and experience the transformative power of inner peace in the present moment. His work has also been featured and co-taught by Oprah Winfrey.

☼  Visit Eckhart Tolle’s web page on Amazon…


Spirituality and Personal Growth ResourcesDeepak Chopra

Dr. Chopra may be the most recognized name on this list as he has been one of the most consistently interviewed spiritual thought leaders in the popular media.  Widely known for his best-selling book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Chopra has also been named by the Huffington Post as the #17 influential thinker the world.

Aside from his work on spirituality and human potential, Dr. Chopra is a real life medical practitioner with an impressive resume′.

☼  Visit Deepak Chopra’s web page on Amazon…

Consciousness Portals

The following resources will keep your life flowing with positive energy, inspiration, and practical spirituality:

Spirituality and Personal Growth ResourcesGaia

Watch TV consciously:  Gaia has over 7,000 streaming videos on spirituality, mysterious discoveries, universal wisdom, and inspiration for every area of your life.  My favorite series on Gaia is called ‘Yogic Paths’ which uncovers the real yogic practices of ancient India (it’s so much more than doing stretching exercises!)

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Conscious Lifestyle Magazine

Conscious Lifestyle Magazine works with the world’s leading conscious visionaries, teachers, healers, physicians, and writers on bringing you content to empower your life to it’s utmost potential.

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Spirituality and Personal Growth ResourcesHay House Radio

Hay House Radio is radio for your soul:  Begin your journey of personal growth and healing by listening to some of the world’s greatest teachers in spirituality, health, and wellness.

☼  Listen to Hay House Radio for FREE!


Heal Your Life Affirmations

Do you listen to your self talk?  Make sure it’s positive!  We’re all making affirmations to ourselves all day long regarding our relationships, work life, finances, and self worth whether we realize it or not.  ‘Heal Your Life’ affirmations assist you in make your self talk your most transformational tool!

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