Getting Started with Epic Life Vibes

Let’s begin with one of the most epic quotes of all time:

“You are ready and able to do beautiful things in this world…you will only ever have two choices: love or fear.  Choose love, and don’t ever let fear turn against your playful heart.”  Jim Carrey, May 24th, 2014

Yes, YOU.  You are not just ready to do beautiful things, it it meant to be, it is why you are here: to love, to play, to be who you are, and to be absolutely magnificent!

This is the essence of this website, to inspire and serve your personal authenticity, your right livelihood, your thirst for Spiritual Enlightenment, and your hunger for Personal Growth.

Though there is still much pain and confusion in the world, and though at times it may not seem like it, the Positive Energy Vibration is growing stronger around the globe.

People like you are undergoing their own unique Conscious Transformation, making the world a better place, one by one.

The Mission of Epic Life Vibes is to fuel your journey.

In our humble effort to do so, we constantly glean inspirational quotes, ideas, and resources from transformational thought leaders around the globe and send them out in our NEWSLETTER.

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About Rick, writer for Epic Life Vibes:

Epic Life VibesHi there, my name is Rick Huggins, recovering restaurant manager, writer, conscious entrepreneur, spiritual seeker, and personal growth enthusiast.

Anything to do with the mysteries and deeper meaning of life, I’m there.

Like you, I am on an epic journey to live with joy, fulfill my purpose, love and be loved, help humanity, and create and share abundance.  Like you, I have crashed against many roadblocks on the path to success and happiness.

But thank Goodness for these roadblocks, for they are merely opportunities dressed in disguise to help us grow.

That’s what I wish to share with you in this blog:  Growth, Expansion, Inspiration, and Epic Living.

This is not about me.  It’s about you; it’s about all of us.

My desire for Epic Life Vibes is to create a space for anyone who wishes to take a break from the hectic pace of modern life and step into the flow of inner peace, harmony, and right livelihood.

I am not a guru, expert, or specialist of any kind.  Rather, I’m an enthusiastic student who wishes to share what I learn as I go along.

I will gladly learn from you as well.  I welcome and encourage your comments on my blog posts.  You may also contact me with any thoughts or suggestions you may have about this site.

Over the past few years, I have delved into hundreds of personal development and spiritual growth books, courses, and other resources.  On this site, I recommend only the ones I sincerely believe will provide real value and positive impact to your journey.

So, Where to Start?

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  1. You can also dive into our blog posts.  Here’s a sampling of our best ones:
  1. Visit our Transformational Resource Center.

The criteria I use for recommending resources are:

  • It has to be something I have experienced a real benefit from myself.
  • The creators/authors of the products have to have an air of authenticity and sincere intent about them.

Ready to check them out?

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